First and foremost, it is essential to secure professional legal and financial advice before you invest in a property in Spain. Spanish property law is complicated and there have been some cases of unwary investors being misled by unscrupulous sellers. No matter how tempting the offer might be, never sign anything without the express agreement of a qualified, Spanish-speaking Legal Representative.
It is impossible to overstate the importance of appointing a qualified Legal Representative to look after your interests when you’re buying a property in Spain.
What to expect from your Spanish Legal Representative?
As well as giving legal advice at each stage of the process, your Legal Representative will check the property registry to investigate any encumbrances or debts registered against the property. If anything untoward is discovered he will advise on how best to deal with it and whether you should, in fact, proceed at all. When completion takes place your Legal Representative will lodge the title deed with the land registry and then take care of any remaining formalities such as opening accounts with local utility companies in your name and the payment of any transfer taxes.
How we protect the interest of our clients?
In The Spanish Connection, we protect the interest of all our investors introducing them to the services of the Legal & Financial consultant `Iberbrit, S.L.´ . Iberbrit is providing one of the most personalized services that you can find in our area. They create a very close relation with all our clients and this is the attention that we expect to receive from a team of professionals, very difficult to find in this days.
berbrit will provide the following services:
Basic services (regarding the purchase of property in Spain )
• The opening of a current or savings account.
• The procedure for obtaining an NIE number (identity number for non- residents in Spain ).
• The legal rights and obligations of the purchaser relating to the sale and purchase of a property in accordance with Spanish Law.
• Advance payments security.
• The full translation of the public deed prior to signature in the presence of a notary.
• The procedure for obtaining a land registry certificate, ensuring there are no existing unpaid debts, unpaid taxes, rental contracts etc.
• The verification and control of additional payments in relation to the purchase i.e. taxes, legal fees etc.
• The procedure for obtaining a mortgage.
• The procedure for paying taxes in Spain , i.e. annual tax declaration.
• Fiscal representations at the tax office.
Additional services
• The arrangement of insurance contracts e.g. building, contents, life etc.
• The preparation of Spanish will.
• Social security advice.
• Financial advice to start a business in Spain .
• Power of attorneys.

Contact Iberbrit
Director Legal Department:
Lic. Gregorio Javier Gutierrez
Director Financial Department:
Accountant Daniel Codes Llamas
Tel. 0034 968 337 392
Fax. 0034 968 563 324